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I don’t know if it’s me or them thats the issue, but for some reason all of these receptionists absolutely hate me. They’re all so rude!

I guess it’s because I sort of look like a teenager? So they think they’re allowed???

At least my supervisor seems nice, but god damn…

Update: it’s not just me, this woman was just super rude to someone over the phone. How does she still have a job, jeez


Neither of these nerds have seen any marvel movies so I’m educating them. I hope this movie doesn’t suck!

Look at my cute new computer

It runs so nicely!!!

To give you all a comparison of my new computer…. It is massive and scares me a little

Also my leg

Told you there was a giant fucking monopoly board

So I got the mother of all charley horses and we sat down on top of a large monopoly board and suddenly there was a parade? There’s an American flag with an eagle on it.

Some old man just got in my face and said “get out of my way before I beat you up” so I just stared at him and was like “no thanks” and he laughs and says “you look like you should ride and motorcycle, you’re pretty” and then left

O k a y

Nerds are in the bathroom

Check out my horrid beach hair

Beach time


Iā€™m so happy this is a real thing. I never knew how much I wanted a movie poster where our superhero protagonist is shown on the back of a flying ant.

They got rid of his cute antennas……